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Are you seeking a reliable custom backpack manufacturer in China or a brand backpack processing factory? Lamgoyi can customize sports styles and various complex craftsmanship backpacks. Whatever you want, we can meet your needs

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Custom and wholesale Backpacks with Your Logo

Our service targets are mainly companies and teams that need custom-designed backpacks. We are very happy for companies that make branded bags to find us for processing, or to design and customize some new styles to display the customer’s brand.

We have many types of backpacks:

tactical backpack

A durable backpack with the MOLLE system allows the user to attach various modular accessories as needed.

outdoor hiking backpack

These backpacks are lightweight and suitable for hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures. Focus on comfort and durability.

Features of sports backpacks

Suitable for various sports and exercises such as running, fitness, and cycling. It is convenient to carry items needed for sports, water, mobile phones, and other items and has good breathability.

Camera Backpack

Backpack with specialized compartments designed to hold and protect cameras and camera accessories for camera professionals and camera professionals

Laptop Backpack

Backpack with padded compartments designed to hold and protect your laptop.

What kind of customized backpacks are you best at? (FAQ)

We can customize various types of backpacks, but we are best at making sports backpacks, tactical backpacks, and mid-to-high-end backpacks with complex craftsmanship.

what customization options are available for your backpacks? (FAQ)

You can customize the logo, color, material, function, style, interior, and size. We can customize anything you think of. We support Sample-based customization or Full customization.

What is the minimum order quantity? (FAQ)

Our minimum order quantity is one piece, and we can manufacture and wholesale in large quantities.