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As a professional backpack manufacturer in China, we are also proficient in laptop backpack design and understand the importance of convenience and functionality of laptop bags. Our designs prioritize lightweight yet spacious solutions, providing ample space for all your personal essentials during your daily commute or short journeys. With thoughtful interior pockets, we’ve ensured your personal accessories including cell phones, power banks, pens, wallets and coins stay organized and easily accessible.

With the manufacturing capabilities of our factory in China, we are well-equipped to manufacture laptop bags that meet your specific requirements. If you are looking for a trustworthy business partner to manufacture quality products, please contact us today. We are committed to providing excellent service and look forward to discussing how we can meet your needs.

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What is laptop bag?

Laptop bag is a kind of backpack used to protect laptops. In addition to being able to carry a laptop, it can also hold everyday items such as books, cell phones, keys and water bottles. A laptop bag is actually very versatile, it is mainly designed to protect and carry a computer, but it also needs to take into account the other daily needs of the user. To better meet these needs, there are many types of laptop backpacks, and their uses are subtly different.

How big is a laptop bag?

Most laptop bags are designed to hold a 15.6″ laptop. As long as your computer is not over that size, then you don’t need to worry about capacity when buying a laptop bag.

Why laptop bags are padded?

The padding inside the laptop bag is designed to better protect the laptop. Padded laptop compartment allows you to carry your laptop to many places with greater peace of mind. You can also choose to customize your laptop bag with waterproof fabric so that your computer is more secure when you are out and about.

Padded laptop bag
Laptop bag materials
1 600D Polyester
This material has good cost and quality, and is the most chosen raw material for laptop bags by our customers. Of course, we can also use higher D-number polyester for our customers to produce laptop bags.