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High-quality tactical vests are very popular for military/police/civilian purposes, our tactical vests are made of 1000d nylon material, which is wear-resistant and durable, reliable in quality, free and flexible to wear, and can be adjusted to the right size according to your needs situation, if you want a personalized tactical vest, as the leading bag manufacturer in China, we can fully meet your requirements.


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There are many types of chinese tactical vests, generally determined by their style and purpose.
It is important to choose the right material before making TACTICAL VEST. Nylon material is generally wear-resistant and durable, which can ensure the reliability of its quality.

The plate carrier system of Chinese military vests allows soldiers to insert ballistic plates for protection against bullets and shrapnel.

Molle System: The vests often feature Molle (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, which allows for the attachment of various pouches and accessories.
This modularity allows soldiers to customize their loadout based on their mission requirements.

Utility Bags: Equipped with multiple utility bags to carry items such as first aid kits, mobile phone, or other mission-critical gear.