Custom Lamgoyi Weight Tactical Vest

Do you want to get a new sports experience? LAMGOYI’s custom-made weight vest is ideal for activities such as running, walking, hiking and bodyweight exercises.

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How Weighted Vests Work

Your body adapts to your weight and burns calories based on your weight, activity, duration, and intensity. As you add more weight to your body, more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the added weight.

Therefore, more calories are burned to support increased muscle activity. A properly weighted vest can enhance any activity or workout. By increasing your metabolic rate and allowing you to burn more calories in the same amount of time as a normal workout, a weight loss vest can double your results, making any workout more effective.

Benefits of Weight Vest

During exercise, comfort and durability, ensuring a snug fit that won’t hinder your movement is important, and our custom weighted vests maximum fully meet your requirements. That’s why we have many models specifically designed to meet your needs. Just like shoes, you wear clothing that’s appropriate for your activity, and the same goes for weight vests; long weight vests lower your center of gravity, and short weight vests build core strength and agility. Plus, our weightlifting vests are the smallest, narrowest, and most compact on the market for your personal use.

BEST WEIGHTED VEST FOR RUNNING: Experience a whole new dimension of cardio with our specially designed weighted vest for running. We have sprint and long runs to suit your running style to improve endurance, build strength and enhance agility with every step.

Add weight to your daily walks with our weighted walking vest. They are the perfect companion for those looking to enhance their walking habits and achieve results faster. Long vests lower your center of gravity, while short vests strengthen your core. Our expert designers have years of experience designing optimal weight vests for a more compact feel and low profile for maximum weight and minimum coverage.
As a professional custom weighted vest manufacturer, welcome your consultation.