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customizing bags

What is the process of customizing bags at Lamgoyi?

Whether it is a personal expression or many businesses and brands are using customized bags as a means to stand out in a highly competitive market, customized bags have become more and more mainstream in recent years. custom bags reflect broader consumer demand for personalized products that match personal preferences, lifestyles, and values.

Customers first put forward their ideas and needs to our factory for negotiation.
Design Advice: Our bag manufacturing team may provide professional advice on design, materials, and production processes to ensure the final product is practical.

lamgoyi design team goes to makes bag detailed patterns:

Design Drawing: Manufacturers use professional designers or engineers to create detailed technical drawings based on the customer’s specifications, determining the size, shape, materials, and features of the backpack.
Sample Production: Typically one or more samples are produced for customer review and approval. This helps ensure the final product meets customer expectations.

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Purchasing raw materials for bags

Material selection: According to customer requirements, purchase various raw materials required, including outer fabrics, linings, zippers, buckles, fillings, etc.
Quality Control: Manufacturers will conduct strict quality control on raw materials to ensure that they meet product standards.

Bag fabric cutting:

Pattern placement: Patterns are placed on the fabric according to technical drawings, ensuring minimal waste.
Cutting: Use automatic or manual cutting tools to cut out the shape of each component according to the pattern.

Bag sewing manufacturing:

Main body sewing: The various components are sewn together according to the technical drawings to form the main body of the backpack.
Feature Adding: Install zippers, buckles, straps, and other features to make sure they are secure and fit the design.
Reinforced Parts: Extra stitching in areas that need reinforcement, like the bottom of the shoulder straps and the bottom of the pack, for added durability.

Assembly and accessories:

Liner Installation: The lining is sewn into the backpack to provide a neat interior finish.
Padding Installation: If needed, add padding to specific areas to protect and support the backpack.
Other Accessories: Install labels, logos, and other custom accessories.

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Quality bag check:

Quality inspection is a particularly important step before the backpack is put on the market.
Visual Inspection: Review the appearance of the backpack to make sure there are no defects, stains, or lint.
Functional Check: Test the functionality of zippers, buckles, straps, etc. to make sure they are working properly.
Dimensional Check: Ensure that the dimensions of the backpack meet the specifications of the technical drawing.

Packaging and delivery:

Packaging: Pack the custom bag the way the customer desires, often including custom labels and packaging materials.
Delivery: Deliver the finished package to the customer. This may involve domestic or international logistics and transportation.
Through the above steps, lamgoyi can provide high-quality products that meet customized requirements. Close design and production team collaboration, as well as meticulous quality control, ensure the success of the entire manufacturing process.